Current IFR cycle dates 05-21-20 to 07-16-20


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Buying your charts:

  • We've worked hard to make our site smooth and user-friendly. To order, simply pick your charts and quantities (including number of cycles if purchasing a subscription). Click 'add to cart' to make your selections.
  • You can toggle between chart types without losing your previous selections. As long as you don't leave the webpage, you can add everything to your cart at once without having to go back and forth between product pages and the shopping cart.
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  • If ordering single charts, your order will be shipped the day it is received, as long as we receive the order by 4:00pm Central Time. We strive to send out everything we can each day, so there is a chance you will get shipments headed your way, even if you miss the cut-off time. If you provided an email address with your order, a tracking number will be emailed (UPS or USPS) to follow your shipment.
  • If ordering a subscription, there are two paths depending on if you chose to start with the current cycle or an upcoming cycle. We will send current cycles as soon as we get the order. Shipments of later cycles from the FAA are typically received 1 week from the cycle start date. All our subscriptions are sent out the day we receive product to guarantee you get your charts before they become active.

FAA printing cycles:

  • IFR cycles are built around a 56-day model. VFR cycles typically run 6-months (182-days).
  • The FAA prints enough charts for market expectations of standing orders plus a standard reserve quantity. If they run out of charts during the cycle period, they are not reprinted. We intend to keep enough on hand, but sometimes our crystal ball does not always work. If you order a chart and the current edition is out of print, you will receive a call from us to determine whether you want to move your order to the next cycle or explore other options.

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